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Sandra (Sandy) Swider

With the help of mentors/coaches/spiritual retreats/friends and probably way too many books, articles and podcasts, I made space to learn more about my strengths and blind spots, discover how I best contribute and tap into what makes me feel alive. In the end - with commitment, focus, passion and grace - I've come to trust that things work out just the way they are supposed to.

I partner with people as a strategic advisor, facilitator & coach. I show up when committed people get stuck and are ready to move past the inertia. 

If you take a deep look at the logo to the left, you'll notice an unfinished circle the edges of which are jagged.  To me, that represents life & leadership well done - a beautiful, messy and unfinished ride to the end, but quite an adventure full of color at the center.  That's what I hope for us all.

My background gives me unique insights. In the business world, I learned branding, strategy and operations from standard bearers. In the leadership development world, I learned how to mine for the best in people and culture from standard bearers. Now my days are dedicated to expanding leaders' range and elevating their impact by sharing what I've learned.  Together we work to clarify what's unique about them, their teams, and their organizations so all enjoy more meaningful profitability and vibrant lives.

My specialty: supporting leaders and brands at mature points in their lifecycles, when the need for something new is evident. I’ve had significant professional experience reinventing and reinforcing world-class brands - and myself! - and know what it takes to move toward what's next.

My approach: I’m a relationship-oriented, creative thinking facilitator who has come to rely on my faith for a more meaningful life; I’m always ready and willing to make faith - irrespective of faith orientation - part of a leadership development and meaningful life conversation.  


Who’s the “& Co.” in Swider & Co. ?

They are my go-to people, whom we’ll pull in as needed should projects expand. They are people I like and trust.  People who may believe, but certainly think, differently than I.  Their talent set ranges from change management, storytelling, graphic design and people/planet/profit strategy to image and overall wellbeing consultation. Their vibe is irresistibly positive.

Certified ICF PCC Coach
International Coaching Federation &
Co-Active Institute


Co-Active Institute Trained
Coaching & Leadership


B.S. Hotel, Restaurant &
Institutional Management

Penn State

The Leadership Circle Certifications
LCP, CLA & Leadership System

iEQ9 Integrative Enneagram Certified

Be Well Lead Well Pulse Certified



And still learning...


Creativity is intelligence having fun.

- Albert Einstein


I wear many hats...

Strategic Advisor, Facilitator & Coach

Full Circle Group Strategic Partner

Halftime Master Coach

Senior Executive Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Global Explorer




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